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“What’s it all about Alfie !!!!”


I’m absolutely certain I don’t know. And I’m almost as certain that the vast majority of the voting public don’t either. The issues are so vast and so incomprehensible that most of us will either give up and not vote, or end up reducing them to same old questions we always ask before any election.

What’s in it for me? And. How does this affect me?

And why not. After all, most of us are capitalists. Most of us want at least as much as the next guy and preferably more. Some of us might use any extra prosperity to help others less fortunate. The rare person with a religious conscience. Some to assuage their almost forgotten socialist ideals. Others out of a sense of shame or guilt.

It’s the system the majority of us have grown up with. Trade routes on land and sea have always opened the doorways to political assimilation. And it’s nothing new. Historically Europe has led the way. Through conquest, Royal mergers/marriages and naval strength. The latter opening up new continents and countries. New industries and products. Trade and profits as ever the victor.

And I seem to recall it was this philosophy that brought about the EEC. A regulated trade agreement of European partners that we, Britain eventually joined in 1973. Trade and business again leading the way. Even in times of conflict, business continues, wealth grows.  In many instances profits increase because of the conflict. And this may be the case with Brexit.

Conflict between Britain and mainland Europe may open other trade routes. Routes that are more sustainable, or it may not. They may be more profitable, or they may not. And this is basically the crux of the issue. No-one knows. Not even the experts.

Both sides when listened too in isolation make a convincing argument. Both sides are churning out an ever growing mass of information to feed the media circus. Data that can be manipulated to support their position. Both in reality are just guessing.

So that’s that then. Clear as mud. But let us not forget. The EEC was a trade alliance. No Politics. No Religion. No tribal animosities. Whereas, next month’s election is all about political power. Europe surging ahead with one voice. Sounds a lot like a socialist block to me and we all know how they work out.

Anyone remember the USSR?

Where does that leave us I hear you ask? Well for me writing this has clarified things, but only a little. As I see it some businesses will do better if we stay in. To be a part of the European trade block. Others will do better if we leave and Become part of a free global market.

In my view trade will survive and prosper, no matter what happens at next month’s election. Therefore, it becomes a totally political decision. And if you thought trade was confusing wait till you start thinking about all of the political ramifications.




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